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DRIVE Talent Development is a consulting firm that focuses exclusively on the development of a company's greatest asset, its people. DRIVE TD believes that learning experiences should increase self-awareness, inspire change, and drive performance.

Developed Employees = Valuable Employees

Developing people to make meaningful impact at work.
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Now more than ever, employees are seeking ways to grow. Now more than ever, businesses lack the bandwidth to dedicate their internal resources to develop their talent. I understand what skills are needed in workplaces today, how to build those skills, and how to sustain learning beyond the event.


Founded in 2021, DRIVE TD provides modern and memorable learning solutions through in-person learning experiences, live online courses, and one-on-one development sessions. Programs are designed to increase self-awareness, inspire change, and drive performance. Explore the growing library of courses here

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Dawn Burkett
Founder & Principal

Dawn has over 18 years of leadership and talent development experience. With a strong retail leadership background, she has a heart for service and commitment to results. With hundreds of classes taught, Dawn understands the importance of effective learning and delivery that inspires action. There is nothing she enjoys more than helping others develop and put their strengths to work. 


An alumna of The University of Texas at Tyler, Dawn holds a bachelor's degree in applied arts and sciences (BAAS) and a master's degree (MS) in human resource development. Professionally, she has been responsible for the creation and implementation of company-wide onboarding, job training, and leadership development programs impacting over 13,000 employees. Dawn's involvement in all phases of training design and delivery make her extremely passionate about creating a learning environment that drives performance. 

Dawn and her husband, Brad, have been married for 15 years and have two children, Harper and Griffin. Native to East Texas, Dawn and her family reside in Flint where they enjoy being outside and close to the water. 

About Dawn
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